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Due to reorganization, the San Diego Book and Writing Awards will be on hiatus. The previous board resigned on November 30, 2015, and a new board of directors has been voted in.

Please check back in June, 2016.

Published entries with a 2015 or 2016 copyright will be accepted in the 2017 contest.

Send comments and questions via email:

Note: If you have already sent in an entry, you will be contacted soon. If you have ordered ‘winner’ stickers, there will be a slight delay in mailing your order.

2015 Finalists and Winners Announced

Geisel Award
Best Published Book
The Belief in Angels
J. Dylan Yates


Best Unpublished Memoir 
That Hidden Road
Rocco Versaci

Getting Rid of Ian – Penelope James
When West Meets East, A Year in Asia on Our Own – Muriel R. Sandy

Best Unpublished Novel
Digital Dick
John Mullen

Deadly Little Secrets – Marcia Buompensiero
The Lost Diaries of Elizabeth Cady Stanton – Sarah Bates

Best Unpublished Novel for Children/Young Adult
Linda Kao

What Fire Can’t Burn – Anne Bromley
The Edge of Brilliance – Susan Traugh

Best Unpublished Short Story
Women in a Time
Jane Williams

Invoking the Fifth – Frank Primiano
Woodtick – Cathy Worthington

Best Unpublished Poetry Chapbook
Sleep While the Baby Sleeps
Jackleen Holton Hookway

When Water Tasted True – Megan Webster
Table – Kayla Krut

Published Fiction Books

Best Published Children’s Book
Odus and the Long Way Home
Dare DeLano

Secrets of the Flame: The Power to Protect – Cindy Schuricht
Sophie and Scottie’s Adventures of the Monarch Mystery – Cindy C. Murray

Best Published Picture Book
The Lonely Little Bumbershoot
Jeff and Brenda Edwards
Brise Birdsong (Illustrator)

Weeds Find A Way – Cindy Jenson-Elliot
Tina Tumbles – Danielle Soucy Mills

Best Published YA Novel
Mirror X
Karri Thompson

The Union – TH Hernandez
House of Many Doors – Ian Richards
The Joy of Stealing Paris – Janet Simpson

Best Published Poetry
A Strange Summer
Chris Vannoy

Just Enough Clothes – Harry Griswold
Magee Park Poets Anthology

Best Published Contemporary Fiction
Forest of Fortune
Jim Ruland

The Second Crack – Chelo Diaz-Ludden
Tell Me of Brave Woman – Laura Maren Riley

Best Published General Fiction
The Belief in Angels
J. Dylan Yates

The Chamber and the Cross – Lisa Shapiro and Deborah Reed
Coming in Second – Bobbe Tatreau

Best Published Historical Fiction
Favorite Daughter, Part One
Paula Margulies

Stone Woman
Mike Sirota

The Mapmaker’s Daughter – Laurel Corona
A Fall of Marigolds – Susan Meissner

Best Published Romance
Terror in the Gulf, a Love Story
Dan Feltham

A More Perfect Union – RW Richard
Legacy – Philip Shafer
Hello Again – Karen Truesdell Riehl

Best Published SciFi
Angel City Blues
Jeff Edwards

Eden: A Sci-Fi Novella – Martin Roy Hill
DreamLand – Ken Reeth and Matthew Pallamary

Best Published Fantasy
The Stones of Kaldaar
Tameri Etherton

Pax Azteca – Randal Doering
Cast Into Darkness – Janet Tait

Best Published Anthology/Short Story Collection
The Family Cannon
Halina Duraj

A Short Walk to the Other Side – Matthew Pallamary
What Happened Here – Bonnie ZoBell

Best Published Action/Thriller
Con Game
Terry Ambrose

The Hunt Club – Bob Feinstein
Sunshine or Lead – Adam Van Susteren

Best Published Mystery
Pure Lies
Lynne Kennedy

The Advocate’s Felony
Teresa Burrell

Death is Like a Box of Chocolates – Kathy Aarons
Dare the Devil – Roger Conlee
Rode to Death – Susan Union

Published Nonfiction

Best Children’s Nonfiction
Imaginations 2
Carolyn Clarke

John Knox – Simonetta Carr
Jonathan Edwards – Simonetta Carr
Torrey Pines Summer – Alice Michael Evans

Best Published Nonfiction: History and Biography
Encyclopedia Walking
Jon Kanis

You Can’t Leave Me Now – Laura McNeal
American Trivia Quiz Book – Richard Lederer and Caroline McCullagh

Best Published Nonfiction Military and Politics
Helga: Growing Up in Hitler’s Germany
Karen Truesdell Riehl

Shift: The Beginning of War – Judith Hand
Night Moves – Marshall Lubin

Best Published Memoir
Giving the Finger
Capt. Scott Campbell, Jr. with Jim Ruland

I’m Not Chinese
Raymond M. Wong

Dust Tea, Dingoes, and Dragons – FR Hemphill
Diary of a Diva – Barbarella Fokos

Best Published Local Interest
Ocean Beach (Images of America)
Ocean Beach Historical Society (Jonnie Wilson and Kathy Blavatt, eds.)

The Real World of Mission San Luis Rey – Jim Downs
San Diego Italian Food – Maria Desiderata Montana

Best Cookbook
Two Chefs, One Catch: A Culinary Exploration of Seafood (Flying Pans)
Bernard Guillas and Ronald Oliver

Best Published Self-Help and Psychology
Young Person’s Guide to Wisdom
Brian Gahran

Your Brain and Law School – Marybeth Herald
Murder Survivor’s Handbook – Connie Saindon

Best Published Health and Medicine
Grow Young with Your Dog
Mary Debono

Love Yourself Fit – Lisa Nordquist
Sage Nighttime Parenting – Rachel Rainbolt

Best Published Spiritual and Inspirational
Revenge of a Catholic Schoolboy
Victor Villasenor

Awakenings – James Banks
Dr. and Master Sha Miracle Soul Theater – William Gladstone

Best Published Business
Writing New Adult Fiction
Deborah Halverson

Your Mind on Marketing -Judith Balain
Plotting the Course: Life Lessons from the Sport of Sailing – Rick Arneson