2011 Finalists

Unpublished Novel Adult

Suzanne De Cayette-Nadel, "Widow’s Weeds"

Douglas P. Lathrop, "Reconquista"

John Mullen, "Digital Dick"

Unpublished Novel, Children

Lisa M. Davis, "Captured: The Finlays and the Fae"

Laurie Richards, “KK@NP.com

Short Story

Madhushree Ghosh, "The Whisper of Dead Wings"

Margaret Harmon, "One Piece of Perfection"

Helen McKenna, "Right Next to Pink Flamingos"

Michele Yipez, "Butterfly Tattoo"

Unpublished Memoir

Jack Beddows The Amazing Adventures of Captain Immunity

Rick Hill We’re All from Somewhere Else

Published Poetry

C.A. Lindsay “Angels of My Life”

Christine Renhard Stenstrom “Cherry Blossom Trees Literary Writings and Artworks”

Shadab Zeest Hashmi “Baker of Tarifa”

Poetry Chapbooks

Harold M. Bergsma “Soft Shoe in the Rain”

Jackleen Holton “She Talks in Our Sleep”

Jill Moses “All My Cities Have Bridges”

Published Books—Nonfiction

General Nonfiction

Richard Lederer “The Gift of Age”

Judy Reeves “A Writer’s Book of Days”

Marlene Wagman-Geller “Eureka”

Children’s Nonfiction

Eric Blehm “Molly the Owl”

Simonetta Carr “John Owen”

Irene T. Hunt “Queen Iween’s To Be A Honey Bee, Like Me!”

Judith P. Josephson “Why Did Cherokees Move West?”


Milt Kogan “Diary of the Ouagadougou Doc”

Jessica O’Dwyer “Mamalita: An Adoption Memoir”

Scott J. Stevenson “Looks Easy Enough”


Norm DeWitt “Grand Prix Motorcycle Racers”

Arlene Lochridge “A Fish Out of Water”

Jane Mitchell “One on One”

Ron Pastore and John O’Melveny Woods “Jesse James’ Secret”

Diane Welch "Lilian J. Rice: Architect"

Military & Politics

Sue Diaz “Minefields of the Heart”

Jay Stout “The Men Who Killed the Luftwaffe”

Eric Blehm “The Only Thing Worth Dying For”


Holly Berkley "Low-Budget Online Marketing"

Wendi Brick "The Science of Service"

Tom Goad "The First-Time Trainer"

Bob Nelson and Stephen Lundin "Ubuntu!"

Local Interest

Nelson Copp “Cycling the Trails of San Diego”

Katrina Pescador, Karen Raines, Pam Gay, and Nelson Chase “Wheels to Wings”

Alan Renga and Mark Mentges “Images of Aviation”


Chefs Press "Top Tables Coronodo"

Jeff Rossman "From Terra’s Table"

Yuan Wang, Warren Sheir, and Mika Ono "Ancient Wisdom, Modern Kitchen"


Maggie Espinosa "The Privileged Pooch"

Lois Joy Hofmann "Maiden Voyage"

Marshall Lubin "From Boys 2 Men" 


Nancy Knowlton "Citizens of the Sea"

Alan Evans, Kendall Martin, and Mary Anne Poatsy "Technology in Action 7th"

Sherry Seethaler "Curious Folks Ask"

Self-help & Inspirational

Diana Hoppe “Healthy Sex Drive, Healthy You”

Annellen M Simpkins and C. Alexander Simpkins “Neuro-Hypnosis”

Annellen M Simpkins and C. Alexander Simpkins “Meditation and Yoga in Psychotherapy”

Janet F. Williams “You Don’t Ask, You Don’t Get”


Michele Hébert “The Tenth Door: An Adventure Through the Jungles of Enlightenment”

Robert Lauer and Jeanette Lauer “Forgiving Yourself“

Zara Marselian “The Soul Speaks”

Published Books—Fiction

General Fiction

Hal Altenbern “A Modern Samson and Delilah Story with a Happy Ending”

Harold M. Bergsma “Cries in the Night: Mimi’s Travail”

Margaret Dilloway “How to Be an American Housewife”

Gary Friedly “Bridge Over the Valley”

Picture Book

 Anne C. Bromley "The Lunch Thief"

Edith Hope Fine and Angel Demos Halpin "Water, Weed, and Wait"

Mara Price "Grandma’s Chocolate"

Young Adult

Marty Martins “The Blizzard”

Laura McNeal “Dark Water”

John O’Melveny Woods “Return to Treasure Island”


David Bajo “Panopticon”

Richard Hicks “Crossing Borders”

Andrew E. Kaufman “While the Savage Sleeps”

Ken Kuhlken “The Biggest Liar in Los Angeles”

Political/Legal Thriller

David W. Aossey "Instruments of the State"

Joshua Graham "Beyond Justice"

Bob Hamer :Enemies Among Us"  


Drusilla Campbell "The Good Sister"

Jim Miller "Flash"

Bobbe Tatreau "Once Upon a House"

Short Story Collection

Brandon Cesmat “When Pigs Fall in Love”

Harold Jaffe “Anti-Twitter: 150 50-Word Stories”

Julie Ann Weinstein “Flashes from the Other World”

Amber Lenore Winckler “The Distribution of Fluids”


Lake San Marcos Writers “Refelctions by The Lake San Marcos Writers”

Southern California Haiku Study Group “An Island of Egrets”

San Diego Writers, Ink (Jericho Brown and Laurel Corona eds.) “A Year in Ink, San Diego Writers Ink Anthology Volume 4”

Robert Lundy and Elizabeth Yahn Williams eds. “Summation 2009-10: The Merging of Art and Poetry”

Sci Fi & Fantasy

Joan Brady “The Ghost of Mt. Soledad”

F.J. Dagg “The Lowlands of Heaven”

Blaine C. Readler “The Worth of Smart” and “Monsters in the Attic”


Dee Detarsio “The Scent of Jade”

Keith Jones “The Suspicious Spouse”

Linda Schroeder “Artists & Thieves”


Ellen Bryson “The Transformation of Bartholomew Fortuno”

Laurel Corona “Penelope’s Daughter”

Zohreh Ghahremani “Sky of Red Poppies”

Donald C. Lee “Eclipse of the Bright Moon”