Unpublished Memoirs

Guidelines for Submissions

Unpublished Memoirs

The Unpublished Memoir contest is open to San Diego Country residents, and the work may not be ghostwritten.

All entrants shall submit three copies of the first 30 pages of a completed manuscript plus three copies of a one-page synopsis of the entire work. The entrant’s name shall appear only on the title page and nowhere else on the rest of the manuscript.

To be notified of receipt of submission, please include a self-addressed, stamped postcard with your submission.

Up to five finalists will be selected. Each finalist will be asked to send three copies of the complete manuscript within one week of notification. One winner and two finalists will be honored at the SDBAA awards ceremony.
Manuscript Guidelines

  • Standard Word margins – 1” top and bottom, 1/1/4” each side
  • Double-space between all lines, including paragraphs.
  • Indent paragraphs five spaces.
  • White paper only
  • 12-point font (Times New Roman, Times, or Courier)
  • One-line header on each page: Title and Category on left side, page number on the right side.
  • Entrant’s name must not appear on any of the pages, including title pages of the manuscript or the synopsis. Points will be deducted if your name appears on the synopsis or manuscript pages. Your name may appear only on the submission form and cover page.
  • The 30 pages should not be bound, but may be held together with a large paper clip or rubber band. Do not staple, put in a notebook, or bind in any way.

Rights: All submissions remain the literary property of the writer.

Submission form: A completed, signed, and dated submission form must accompany each submission.

Fee: A nonrefundable submission fee of $30 must accompany each unpublished memoir submission. Make checks payable to: San Diego Book Awards Association, Inc.

Deadline: All unpublished memoir submissions, submission forms, and fees must be received by February 2, 2015 (deadline extended).

Mail to: 

San Diego Book Awards
P. O. Box 2723
San Marcos, CA 92079-2723

Notification: Finalists will be notified in advance of the awards ceremony, which will be held in June 2015. All finalists and category winners will be honored at the awards ceremony. Winners and finalists will be promoted on the SDBAA web site: http://www.sdbookawards.org.

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